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1)    Contact us through the mail adress to send your songs or to ask for information.

2)    You have to contact us in English, in order to get proper help from the management.



1)       You can play with any country you want, if it is free

2)       You can only change countries after playing wiht it at least 3 editions in a row.

3)       Only when you have won the contest or finished in TOP4, you need to play with that country once more.



1)    The singer must be born in the country you are playing with or have it's citizenship.

2)    If it's a group/duo/band at least one member has to be from the country you're playing with. 

3)    Countries with small population can take singers from their neighbours.

4)    After representing a country, the same artist just will be able to represent that nation after 3 editions (e.g.: If a singer represent nation A in WSC19 will just be able to represent that nation in WSC22).

5)    An artist isn't allowed to enter the show two tmes in a row, not even for a different country (this rule applies to solo and duets).

6)    The artist(s) cannot represent a country more than 3 times in the same year.

7)    An artist cannot represent two or more countries in the same edition, so if two countries send the same singer, the first one to send the song will have priority, so the other need to change.

8)    You can always decide to change artists until the deadline is over.



1)    The song must be released after 1996. Exceptions can be made for unknown songs released in the 90's.

2)    The song can be in all music genres and styles.

3)    The song cannot be longer than 8 minutes.

4)    ESC songs are not allowed, not even covers.

5)    Songs from a National Final are available as soon as we know for sure this will not be the Eurovision entry.

6)    You must send your entry an Youtube Link that can be watched for all people.



1)    There is no limit of participants.

2)    Each Edition need to have at least 15 participants.

3)       The draw is made internally.



1)    If there is a tie we will look at the song that received points from more countries. If is the same number in both countries, we look at the most amount of 12 pts., 10 pts., 8 pts., etc.  



1)    Voting system is the same as in the Eurovision Song Contest (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12).

2)    You must send your votes in time to

3)    All participating countries must vote in the Final.

4)    If you don't vote you will lose the all the points you've received and you will be disqualified for the upcoming edition and can't take part (exceptions can be made if the player have a valid excuse).

5)    You shall not unveal your votings before the official voting procedure in the final.



After you win, you have to organize the upcoming edition:

1)    You must select the city and venue where the contest is going to be held.

2)    You must select at least 2 hosts and they have to be from the country where the contest is being held.

3)    You may make a scorecard, Recap Videos and a Logo if you wish.



1)    If there are things or rules that are not clear to you, please feel free to ask us about it through